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DOWNLOAD: KeePass v0.92a [300K] Win9x/2k/XP FREE

{Password safe} Passwords are stored in an encrypted database using AES/Rijndael 
ecrypted, SHA-
256 (as password hash). For organized freaks, the program supports groups for easy 
sorting. It comes with a password generator, a search feature, and copying information to 
Windows clipboard. KeePass doesn't install anything into the Windows environment or the 
The settings are stored in a file in the same directory of the executable and lists can be 
exported to 
txt, html, xml, or csv files as well as printed. Nice and simple utility that can even be 
translated to 
other languages.

So when I found this site ( // ) while
     researching operating systems I thought you might be
     interested too...

ipconfig.exe /all

standard error message text in shdoclc.dll 

Bandwidth Place's Speed Test
<A HREF=""> </A>

DSLReport's (now Broadbandreport's) Speed Tests
<A HREF="//">
// </A>

and CNET's Bandwidth Meter
<A HREF=""> </A>.

<A HREF=""> </A>


WinVorbis v1.40 [881k] W9x/2k/XP FREE 

To copy from a remote machine to your local machine, reverse the file transfer order:
  scp user@remote:/home/tony/myfile.txt /home/tony

from a local machine to a remote machine
  scp /home/tony/myfile.txt user@remote:/home/tony

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DrawSWF v1.2.7 [633k] W9x/2k/XP FREE 

{Drawing program} After loading the program and writing my name, I clicked Play and it 
the sequence as I drew it. That's all it took to create my first animated drawing in DrawSWF. 
It's a 
simple interface with basic tools for drawing lines, entering text, selecting line thickness, 
drawing a 
shape, or selecting a pen for free drawing. Every move you make is the order in which the 
will be presented unless you rearrange it in the drawing objects dialog box. Click on the Play 
to preview your work in progress. When you complete your work of art, export it as a Flash 
file and 
select the speed of the animation. The file is saved as a SWF file, which is a Flash file. You 
can try 
before you download, since the application is available online (using Java) by clicking on 
Web Start 
on the Web site. It's a simple tool for those who want to try animating drawings without 
paying the 
price for a more complex and overwhelming product. Whoo whee, look at my stick figure 
bike come 
to life! 

Mahogany v0.64 [3.8M] W9x/2k/XP FREE 

{Mail news client} Mahogany is an OpenSource(TM) cross-platform mail and news client. It 
many Internet protocols and standards, including POP3, IMAP4 (and the secure versions 
using SSL), 
SMTP, and NNTP. Mahogany also supports MIME and many common Unix mailbox formats 
(including MBX, MBOX, and MH). Because of its cross-platform capability, you can access 
your e-mail 
from all of the various machines that you use. All of Mahogany's features are configurable, 
but it's 
also plug-and-play, meaning you don't HAVE to configure anything to get going. The 
integrates with other programs, such as a Web browser or an editor. Mahogany has built-in 
message templates, multiple identities, support for a calendar (plug-in), an address book 
(with vCard 
support), synchronization with Palm, a built-in HTML viewer, X-Face support, and support 
receiving faxes sent via EFax. In summary, it's a super-charged and super-geeky e-mail 
client. [Meryl] 

#Develop v0.92 [3.2M] W9x/2k FREE 


{Program .net style} I'm not going to lie to you, I hate to program. I may have a computer 
degree but I tried very hard to stick with hardware and only took the programming classes 
that were 
required for graduation. That doesn't mean that I don't have to program occasionally, and 
when I do 
I launch my copy of Visual Studio 5... but I must say it is getting a little out of date. I don't 
want to 
spend a lot of money to buy the new Visual Studio .Net because I just don't program 
enough to 
make it worth the expense. #Develop is an open source development environment for 
creating C# 
and projects. This application feels just like you are coding in Visual Studio and it 
even has 
syntax highlighting. With #Develop, you can even write ASP.NET, ADO.NET, XML, Java, and 
code. On top of all of this, the program includes a forms designer and support for several 
spoken languages. #Develop is quite impressive and I can truthfully say that I am surprised 
that it has 
been released as open source. I recommend that if you need to do some .Net coding that 
you save 
your money on Visual Studio .Net, and instead give #Develop a try. The worst thing that 
happen is that you save yourself some cash! 

New York Public Library: Digital Library Collection 

The New York Public Library (NYPL) is building a digital library of 600,000 images relating 
to "arts, 
humanities, performing arts, and sciences, including artwork, maps, photographs, prints, 
illustrated books, and printed ephemera." This is a phased rollout that is due to finish by the 
2004. What this means to you is that the Web site is constantly changing, adding new 
images and 
information. If you are a fan of history and fine art, then you will love this Web site. If you 
don't think 
that you are a fan of such things, well... then this is the perfect opportunity to find out for 
sure. I 
wouldn't be surprised, though ,if you find that after viewing this Web site that you can't 
resist adding 
it to your Favorites list and making it a part of your daily Internet routine. 

Remember that in an AC circuit, the power consumed by the PC's power supply is not 
purely a 
function of volts x amps = watts due to the phenomenon of inductive reactance. This is why 
the UPSs 
are rated in volt amperes more than Watts. Watts (volts x amps) are considered "true" 
especially in a DC circuit, while volts x amps are considered "apparent power" of an AC 
circuit. To 
convert "apparent power" to "true power" multiply the AC volts x amps x the cosine of angle 
Angle theta is the "lead" or "lag" angle between current and voltage. The utility companies 
found that by regulating the cosine of angle theta to a .9 lag, the power grid runs at its most 

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"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE" -NoHome

Microsoft Portrait v1.08 [99k] W9x/2k/XP FREE

"Microsoft Portrait is very low bitrate video conferencing software supporting MSN 
Messenger on 
PCs, Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs, and Internet Locator Service (ILS) on PCs. It runs on local 
networks, dialup networks and even wireless networks with bandwidths as low as 9.6 
Microsoft Portrait delivers portrait-like black / white video which can work in bandwidths so 
low that 
full color video could never work. The portrait video is so small that it can even be 
through an HTTP proxy as text. Microsoft Portrait provides basic chat / voice / video 
functions almost 
anytime, anywhere, on any device. In version 1.08, portrait video comes with more gray 
scales and its 
visual quality is improved." 

  This will launch the specified web page in the computers default browser. Substitute the 
full URL 
(include the http://) for %1. 
  RUNDLL32.EXE url.dll,FileProtocolHandler %1  

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