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why us brits get bloody useless hd where americans get blu ray????? bloody annoying. us 
have more money than usa and we not going in recession yet dumb hp dont sell blu ray to 

guys where can i buy a hdx with blu ray and full hd monitor in uk. i dont wanna use ebay.
ps im an ivestment banker and will be needing this laptop for my office so it look 

I have done everything, recovery + driver but unfortunately nothing everything as before. 
It seems that I really ati x2600 .. but unfortunately with various tests the card and 'a 8800 gts. 
Today I start the practice of reimbursing hoping that I return the money back. 

Posted by dovella 
?TO Mike Nash,  Sp1 team, Ballmer , Gates, Evangelist & CO.
I Wont comprise the position than Microsoft regarding Italian user.
Yesterday Mike Nash it has been announced Vista SP1 RTM  to March for English, French, 
Spanish, German and 
Since Italian we are still a enough valid country special way regarding Spain and France,  possible 
that we have been 
puttinges from part?
considering that sp1 it is  multilenguage in order which reason you have discarded to us?
I write to name of all Italian mine comunity I assure and you that we are in that we offer support 
for those which the 
persons are our acquaintances to all who have adopted Vista  (but also xp) 
I make you this appeal in order to at least receive SP1 with to France, Spain, England and German 
its Possible ???
We cannot be puttinges to an equal level to the Teleban .
dovella and Italian Waiting Response

I'm always amazed by the number of people who think we want to install their useless software 
on our computer. 

I think that some CEOs think too highly of their product, whereas it just gets sold somehow, and 
pushing it forwards too much is unwanted persistence. 

But it's no wonder they are misled... 

I once worked for a company which released a browser toolbar for their product updates. 
Needless to say, the toolbar spyed upon the customer and sent browsed URLs for profiling. 
Guess what? Almost half of the customers had it installed. 

I believe in a retarded parallel world, inside our very world, in which retarded companies sell 
retarded product and services to any customer retarded enough to buy it. That's the long tail for 
you. Long live the internets. 

Jesus you people are rediculous! These guys are going above and beyond the call of a /. 
editor to 
bring us this stuff. Do you really think they have time to go over thousands of emails and 
put it all up 
so you'll be happy? How much time do you think they have? Being a /. editor means 
spending literally 
minutes a day meticulously researching submitted posts for dupes, checking spelling, 
incomplete submissions, looking up rules of grammar, fact checking, source checking, etc. 
etc. And 
now that they take a few minutes out of their 23 hours of free time to bring you a little 
laughter from 
retarded people and misdirected emails, all your can do is complain? Sheesh, the nerve of 

There are only 10 types of people in the world --
those who understand binary, and those who get laid.

if (fork()==0) {
execv(ptrHell, ptrYourSoul);
} else {

You ask: What is the meaning of life?
Egobot says: The meaning of life is impaired by fixed notions or
perspectives on what it means to be human.

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