Have you ever noticed that Democrat party members accuse Republicans of doing everything that they themselves do? Racial bias, income disparity, prejudice against differing viewpoints, violence, etc, etc, etc. Well, fear not, lost surfer, you've found....

Nazi Party vs the Democrat Party...a biased comparison

A note to my Democrat friends: I realize that you haven't taken the time to understand the Conservative viewpoint, AT ALL, so this will offend you, as so many things in this world do. I love you like an innocent baby, or a kitten, or a cactus. I know you are basically a good person. If you contact me about the contents of this page, make sure you've done your homework first or I will ride you like your congressman riding an intern.

Note: It is not the Democratic party. It is the Democrat party.

Remember that the Nazi party was actually Socialist in all regards, despite what the public school system teaches. Democrat party members only have the religious aspect of the Nazis to point to as being 'right wing'. They conveniently leave out the fact that this was pagan gods, more akin the the wiccans, gaia-ists, and countless other religions and belief systems of the Democrat fringes.

Here's your corrected flowchart of political buzzwords, reading from Right to Left:
Anarchist --> Libetarian(%) --> Conservative --> Republican --> [Democrat|Independent|Moderate] --> Libetarian(%)--> Socialist --> Fascist --> Communist
You're welcome.

Nazi party:
Practiced eugenics; removed the old, lame, and the unwanted (by them) for the good of society. Dismissed the idea of sending the unwanted somewhere else (letting them go to other countries).
Used movies to dehumanize1 the Jews, in preparation for societal attacks against them. (//www.holocaust-history.org/der-ewige-jude/ - "Papers presented on the Nazi propaganda film 'Der ewige Jude,' or 'The Eternal ... the Jews' ratlike behavior, while showing footage of rats squirming from ...") Jews were first deprived of their basic rights, and over the years of their possessions, freedom, human dignity and, finally, their lives (http://web.israelinsider.com/

Democrat party:
Practice eugenics; removing the old (euthanasia), lame (Terry Schiavo), and the unwanted (by them) (abortion). Dismissed the idea of sending the unwanted somewhere else (letting them go to other families).
Use movies to dehumanize1 the conservatives in preparation for societal attacks against them. (Michael Moore, George Clooney, et. al.) (//www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=2004+republicans+%22rape+will+be+legal%22) Conservatives will first be deprived of their basic rights
(1st amendment: //www.heritage.org
(2nd amendment: //www.bradycampaign.org/), and over the years...?

1) The concept of de-humanizing the opposition is important. No decent person wants to kill another, but if they aren't really human, no problem. This is why abortion is acceptable to the Democrat party loyalists.

The Democrats seem to do everything the Nazis did, except for actually killing the non-whites...but did you notice how MAD they got at President George W. Bush when he stopped it? Hmmmm....interesting....

...also an interesting side note, is the fact that the Bush family themselves would probably be one of my more vocal critics if they ever noticed this page.

In other news...
Unfortunately, when it comes to climate change, far too many people have been all 
too ready to play the Grand Inquisitor. For example, The Weather Channels senior 
climatologist, Heidi Cullen, has recommended that meteorologists be denied 
professional certification if they voice doubts about global-warming alarmism. James 
Hansen, director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, wants oil-company 
executives tried for crimes against humanity if they continue to dispute what is 
understood scientifically about global warming. Al Gore frequently derides those who 
dispute his climate dogma as fools who should be ignored. Climate deniers fall into 
the same camp as people who still don't believe we landed on the moon, Gore's 
spokeswoman told The Politico. 

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